Priscila dos Santos Silva

Public communication and sustainability: a study on involvement with actions in federal universities

Supervisor: Flávia Clemente de Souza

Considering the relationship between the role of the public university and communication aimed at sustainability, this study aimed to investigate how much and how the organizational public communication of federal universities is involved with sustainability actions, whether in the administrative or academic scope, comprising the aspects of each institution. For this, we performed an empirical procedure using the hypothetical-deductive method of mixed approach to collect impressions of different university profiles. Therefore, we applied a questionnaire to communication professionals at all federal universities in Brazil for a preliminary investigation in order to find out how the communication sectors deal with the issue of sustainability and, later, we conducted individual interviews with a representative of a sample of responding institutions. . These interviews were submitted to the content analysis methodology with the support of scientific validation literature in the areas of public communication, sustainability and organizational communication, in addition to office material referring to documents from organizations and legal provisions with relevance to the object of search.

Keywords: Public communication; organizational communication; sustainability; university.