Center for Research and Production in Communication ande Emergende


EMERGE – Center for Research and Production in Communication and Emergence – is a research group, which was launched in March 2005 by members of Fluminense Federal University’s Department of Social Communication. The group carries out teaching, research and outreach projects aimed at fostering debates, links and connections between social and academic groups and organizations that are interested in adopting communication processes in their activities, establishing shared and interactive forms of action. As for the group’s communication element, the idea is to explore emergent communication processes which entail a social appropriation of the information and communication technologies, attempting to occupy all available spaces in order to assure that the communication is more democratic and is perceived as a human right.

Leader: Adilson Vaz Cabral

Faculty Members (PPGMC): Adilson Vaz Cabral, Marco André Feldman Schneider, Andrea Medrado and Simone do Vale.

Research Strands:

  1. Communication Policies and Regulations
  2. Emergent Communication Processes