The Postgraduate Program in Media and Everyday Life’s process for selecting new students takes place in the second semester, every year. The registration period usually occurs between the months of July and September, as specified in our CALL FOR APPLICATIONS.

The program offers a total of 20 places. Please note that it has a quota system, which works in the following manner: 2 places for international students who must take part in the selection process according to our Call for Applications, 2 places for teachers who work in Brazil’s basic public education sector, and 2 places for disabled students. If the quotas are not filled, they will go to other candidates.

There is no obligation to fill the 20 places. All the relevant guidelines for the selection process, which include the curriculum scores, the appeal form, and the required project template are published together with each year’s call for applications.



The 2019 Selective Process Announcement has just been defined. The important thing is to mark the dates of the two registration stages. The first one begins on June 18 and ends on August 17. At this stage, the registration is ONLINE: just fill out a quick form and send it to PPGMC’s e-mail address (, together with proof of payment for the registration. In the second phase, the candidate sends the Research Project and the documents defined in the Call for Proposals. It is important to note that the Research Project is anonymous. And, also, that already in the registration form it is necessary to indicate a title of the Project. If it changes later, just make the two indications (pre-registration title and definitive title) on the cover of the Project, as indicated in TEMPLATE.

This year, the first stage is the Written Test. For this reason it is worth checking the bibliography indicated below. The Research Project Template, as well as the curriculum score and the Application Form will be available on the website from May 30 on.



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