Laboratório de Investigação em Comunicação Comunitária e Publicidade Social


LACCOPS – Laboratory of Research in Community Communication and Social Advertising is part of INPECC and is linked to PPGMC-UFF. The general objective is the strengthening of Community Communication and its structuring axis is the deepening of the understanding of Social Publicity and Community Advertising, in the epistemological and empirical sense. It is organized, therefore, around research on the hegemonic, counter-hegemonic and non-hegemonic processes of mediated and communitarian communication. Based on theoretical research, action research and participant observation, it is dedicated to investigating, identifying, observing and mapping areas that are still little explored such as audiovisual and alternative media as a strategic possibility in the perspective of Social Communication innovation. The team is composed of internal and external professors and undergraduate and graduate students from UFF, among others. It is in the consolidation phase of 4 research lines: Community Communication and Citizenship building; Investigation of qualitative and quantitative methods applied to Social Advertising and Daily Consumption; Production of resistance through audiovisual resources and mobile images; Social Advertising and Community Advertising.

  • Leader: Patricia Saldanha
    Faculty Member (PPGMC): Pablo Nabarrete Bastos

Research lines:
1. Community Communication and citizenship building
2. Investigation of qualitative-quantitative methods applied to Social Advertising and Daily Consumption
3. Production of resistance through audiovisual and mobile imaging resources
4. Social Advertising and Community Advertising