LaPA, the Postgraduate Program in Media and Everyday Life’s Applied Research Lab is a space dedicated to developing research on media and everyday life, meeting the demands of its members, such as faculty and students, and creating a shared and stimulating research environment for PPGMC’s research groups.

LaPA’s research projects, outcomes and events are comprised in the Social Communication area and their focus vary according to the interests of its members. 


To provide an open space for interaction and research collaborations between faculty and students in topics that are related to PPGMC’s research groups.

To create a space for sharing experiences and interactions, leading to a mutual understanding and exchange, establishing connections between the members’ different fields of knowledge;
To promote activities for faculty, students, and research groups, such as events, publications, research outcomes, strengthening the relationship between teaching and research;
To create a greater visibility for LaPA’s research groups and the work that is being developed at the lab.


– Research Seminar in Media and Everyday Life
An academic event organized by PPGMC since 2009. Initially, the seminar took place once a year. In 2014, it became a bi-annual event. It comprises lectures and involves working groups. The aim is to reflect on a central theme chosen by the program, establishing links with the research strands and projects being developed by PPGMC.

– Keynote Speech
The Media and Daily Life Graduate Program marks the beginning of the academic year with AULA MAGNA. The event, promoted by LaPA – Laboratory of Applied Research – is not only an area of integration between the classes and also between Post-Graduation and Graduation, but has also provided access to lectures with researchers from the field of Communication and Like.

– LaPA Reads
The aim of this study group is to discuss readings that lay the theoretical foundations and represent the epistemological basis for structuring the program’s two strands of research.

– LaPA Invites
The aim of this event is to promote debates on topics that relate to the research projects developed within the program. It consists of lecture, short-term courses, and workshops that are conducted by invited researchers and professionals.