Research Lab on Electronic Games, Cognition and Interactive Media


mediaLudens is guided by two research strands: I) videoludic experiences; II) digital media archeology. The first strand aims to reflect on how electronic games by and of themselves constitute a media object, as well as to reflect on their transmedia relationship, by investigating the implications of users’ perception and cognitive processes, and the subjective processes which result from the relationship between the user and the device (user and game, in this case). Additionally, we consider the possibilities of electronic gaming as expressive media, which can result in particular sensorial experiences, and contribute to a deepened reflection on this theme which had previously been the sole preserve of artistic areas, such as literature, cinema and visual arts. The second strand aims to comprehend digital media, and, particularly, interactive media, based on a media-archeological investigation, finding correlations between the present and the historical past in an attempt to reach a less linear and more rhizomatic understanding of such media.

  • Leader: Emmanoel Ferreira

Research Strands:

  1. Archeology of Digital Media
  2. Videoludic Experiences