Media, networks and youth: uses and appropriations in digital contexts


The changes that we have witnessed in the communication environment in recent years cannot be reduced to a technological or market-driven phenomenon. Rather, we should understand them in a broader context of changes in the relationships between producers and consumers of news. This manifests more intensively amongst the young population through different phenomena which can be analyzed if we look at the relationship between Journalism and Mobility. This group seeks to study such phenomena, their social and cultural consequences, as well as their impacts in the market. Based on our research and on several debates, we intend to map some of these phenomena in specific environments, considering young people’s uses and appropriations of media as our starting point since we also understand this transformation from a generational and local perspective. We also aim to study the ways in which the media represent young people and the consequences of such representations.

  • Group Leader: Carla Baiense
    Faculty Member (PPGMC): Larissa Morais e Flávia Clemente

Research Strands:

  1. Journalism and Mobility
  2. Media and Representation