MULTIS – Center for Studying and Experimenting with Audiovisual and Multimedia focuses on audiovisual research and production as processes of narrative construction in a scenario of contemporary dynamic communication practices, which are prompted by media convergence and crossed by its intertwining in digital media. From this perspective, his researches have as an “object” not only the audiovisual as a language, but also its “participation” and “impact” in different media – particularly social networks – and in the daily constitution of the imaginaries and narratives that structure society contemporary.

  • Leaders: Denise Tavares e Renata Rezende

Research Strands:

  1. Non-fiction audiovisual: subgenres and interdisciplinary studies
  2. Audiovisual and Scientific Dissemination
  3. Audiovisual and Multimedia: memory and narratives in cybercultural contexts

Keywords: audiovisual; digital media; narratives; language; imaginary; everyday life.

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