Postdoctoral Research

Since 2013, PPGMC has joined CAPES National Postdoctoral Program (Programa Nacional de Pósdoutoramento da CAPES – Portaria CAPES n° 86, 03 july 2013). After this, candidates have expressed their interest in pursuing their Postdoctoral studies on Media and Everyday Life.

The research who joins the Postdoctoral Program is entitled to a grant and is selected via a selection process. If, after completing his/her Ph.D. research, a researcher wants to join the program, he or she must contact PPGMC’s Research Office by email ( to receive information on all the necessary documents and procedures.

By 2019, six postdoctoral fellows completed their research under the supervision of a Media and Daily Life teacher. You can access the profile and the final report of the researches developed. (see completed postdocs).

Postdoctoral Researchers at PPGMC

Click on the picture to find out more about the profile and research developed by PPGMC’s Postdoctoral researcher.

Renata Cristina de Oliveira Tomaz
Doctorate (2017) in Communication and Culture (2017), in the research
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Pedro Barreto Pereira
Doctor in Social Communication by the School of Communication at
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