The Media and Daily Postgraduate Program makes public that it will be open from July 20 to July 20 to August 21, 2020, the First Phase of Registration for the selection process for admission to the Doctoral course in Media and Daily Life; and from September 14 to October 16, 2020, the Second Stage of Registration. This year, up to twelve (12) places will be offered to holders of a Master’s degree and / or with a forecast date for completion of the master’s until the date of enrollment, which should occur in March 2021. Of these places, one (01) place is reserved for people with disabilities, three (03) vacancies of ethnic-racial quotas for blacks (blacks and browns) and indigenous people and one (01) vacancy for a teacher of Basic Education in the Public System. The candidate (s) must choose a single group of quotas in the application. If these vacancies are not filled, they may be allocated to the other candidates, at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

IMPORTANT: In an extraordinary decision, this year PPG Mídia e Cotidiano will not charge any registration fee. The decision is a way of recognizing and supporting, even if minimally, the difficult financial and social circumstances that our candidate may be experiencing, due to the serious public health pandemic that happens in the country. In addition, due to the same difficulty caused by the pandemic, the entire selection process will be in person – with the possibility of an exception for the Foreign Language Test, as detailed in the Notice and will be evaluated during the test period.

Check out the FULL NOTICE below. The annexes refer to the complete Selection Process, that is, in addition to the Registration Form, there are the following documents: curriculum score; guidelines for preparing the Memorial; . Any doubts, contact by email which is the Secretariat of PPG Mídia e Cotidiano.





Formulário de Pontuação de Currículo

Orientações para elaborar o Memorial

Modelo do Projeto de Pesquisa

Formulário de Auto-declaração de Cor e Etnia

Formulário de Interposição de Recurso