Research cooperation and exchange

Fluminense Federal University (UFF) has established agreements for technical and scientific cooperation with various public universities in all regions of Brazil. The university also has several international agreements and programs, such as the recent Tordesilhas Group, made up of universities in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. These countries have developed innovative approaches to researching social networks, cyber society, cyber journalism, and critical theories in the field of journalism.

Additionally, the program has fostered several scientific collaboration networks which involve members of the program’s faculty and teaching staff from other programs in the university, such as the Postgraduate Program in Social Policies, which is part of UFF’s School of Social Services, the Specialization Course in Public Policies of Safety and Justice (Nufep-UFF), and the Audiovisual Investigation Lab (LIA), particularly through one of the lab’s initiatives, a platform for enabling a reflection on Latin American audiovisual production.

At UFF, one can also find networks, research centers and labs which adopt an interdisciplinary approach for the study of media and everyday life. Here, we would like to highlight the efforts of the UFF Network of Environment and Development and the MidiaCom Lab, which investigates Communication and Multimedia Dada, and also the efforts of the Lab for Studying Social Movements and Territorialities (LEMTO – Laboratório de Estudos de Movimentos Sociais e Territorialidades).

Lastly, PPGMC has fostered relationships with several Brazilian and international institutions, such as the State University of Paraíba’s Master’s Program in Regional Development; the Center of Research, Study, and Formation of Information Networks for the Third Sector (Nupef-Rits), PUC-Rio’s Symbolic Systems Research Group; UFBA’s Online Journalism Research Group; UFSC’s Digital Journalism Applied Research Lab; Beira Interior University’s Online Communication Lab (Labcom), Portugal; Santiago de Compostela University’s New Media Group (Galícia / Spain); Centre de Recherches Sémiotiques (Semiotics Research Center), Paris, France; Centro de Estudios Superiores em Comunicación para América Latina (Ciespal – Quito/Ecuador); Universidade do Algarve’s Investigation Center in Arts and Communication, Faro, Portugal); Universidad de La Republica, Montevidéu, Uruguay; University of Toulouse’s Laboratoire de Sciences Sociales du Politique (LASSP), Toulouse, France; Sergipe’s Federal University (Universidade Federal de Sergipe, UFS) and the Federal University of Bahia (Universidade Federal da Bahia, UFBA).

Several members of PPGMC’s faculty act as coordinators and chairs in work groups and sections of various Brazilian and international associations, such as INTERCOM – Sociedade Brasileira Interdisciplinar de Comunicação (Interdisciplinary Communication Brazilian Society), ALAIC – Associação Latinoamericana de Investigadores de Comunicação (Latin American Association of Communication Researchers) and IAMCR – International Association for Media and Communication Research.