Video recordings of the various activities of PPG Mídia e Cotidiano are available on our YouTube channel. The proposal, with the videos, is to share debates, lectures and other events that have taken place throughout the Program’s history. Among the videos we highlight:

  • Research Seminars in Media and Everyday Life: among the videos that record the various Seminars promoted by the Program, we highlight one of the latest records by researcher Juan Bordenave, who gave the opening lecture at the V Seminar on Research in Media and Everyday Life, in 2014.
  • Videos about Aulas Magnas: unfortunately we do not have the records of all Aulas Magnas, which until 2019 were annual at the PPGMC, but here are the excellent lectures by Gabriela Borges and Luiz Roberto Alves.
  • “Everyday Live”: brings a series of PPGMC lives that took place in 2020, under the first impacts of the pandemic caused by Covid 19.
  • Minuto Cotidiano: this is a project created by the Communication Commission of the Post-Graduate Program in Media and Daily Life at Universidade Federal Fluminense. The aim of the project was to present to the public the research and activities developed at the PPGMC/UFF. The six videos of the project were recorded in 2020.
  • Other videos: other events held either by the Media and Daily Life Research Groups, or occasional courses and lectures such as the video highlighted here make up the Channel’s collection.



Check out other videos in our YouTube channel.