Workload (Mestrado)

In order to complete the credits and workload, the student must take six (6) courses and three (3) academic activities:

– Two (2) core units of 60 hours (15 weeks) with 4 credits each, offered in the first semester of the academic year;

– Two (2) units of 60 hours (15 weeks) with 4 credits each, choosing from one of our two research strands and/or seminars (they must amount to 60h) and/or chose from our program’s umbrella choices;

– Two elective units of 60 hours with 4 credits each, which can selected from any other Postgraduate Program in Rio de Janeiro, whose themes are relevant for the research project. One of them can be partially or fully replaced by the student’s participation in events and/or other activities, as long as he/she provides the certificates and obtains an authorization from his/her Supervisor and PPGMC’s Coordinator;

– One transfer preparation activity of 120 hours, with 4 credits, which will happen from the end of the second semester of the academic year until the beginning of the third semester. The date will be specified by the Academic Board for each cohort;

– Two (2) guided research activities of 120 hours, with 4 credits each, for two consecutive semesters in the 3rd and 4th semesters;

– One (1) Dissertation Viva of 360 hours, with 12 credits, which can only take place after the student completes 360 hours and 24 credits dedicated to completing the units and 360 hours and 12 credits for participating in the relevant activities;

The Master’s Transfer takes place by the establishment of a Transfer Committee made up of 3 Lecturers. One of them must be the student’s supervisor, the other an internal examiner (who is part of the program) and the other an external examiner (who works in another Higher Education institution). Their research must be related to the student’s and the supervisor’s research projects.

This Committee evaluates the student’s report which must include: a Preliminary Summary; an Introduction; a Literature Review Chapter and Research Methodology adopted in the dissertation.

All students who have been awarded scholarships must act as teaching assistants for one semester and they do not obtain any credits of workload for this activity.

The student must complete, at least, 360 hours and 24 coursework credits; 360 hours and 12 credits from academic activities and 360 hours and 12 credits from their Dissertation Viva. This amounts to 1,080 hours and 48 credits.